Desiderio Quercetani, born in Parma on November 7th 1961, studied at the Scuola di Liuteria at the Academy of Music in Parma, under the direction of Maestro Renato Scrollavezza, taking a diploma of Maker of Stringed Instruments in 1985.

He began his autonomous professional activity in 1987, opening a workshop in the heart of the city of Parma, in one of its most ancient and characteristic streets: Borgo delle Colonne.

His instruments are played by many professional players in Italy and abroad and used for quite as many recordings. He built most of the instruments of the chamber orchestra Europa Galante, conducted by Maestro Fabio Biondi.

After 15 years of professional activity, he now decided to open a stringed instruments making school, for Italian and foreign students. His school "Bottega di Parma" aims to encompass all the features of a craftman's workshop.



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